FOOD SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS-  HACCP, and R.E.A.C.H. Compliant no wicking of cleaning agents or cracking eliminating crevices for bacteria to harbor. Available in Food Safety Blue visual detection made simple. Also available in white urethane.

KNIFE EDGE/NOSEBAR TRANSFER- Our HP offerings are suitable for knife edge transfers where close proximity to the next conveyor or process is desired.

FRAY RESISTANT-  Due to our calendaring process, our fabric becomes encapsulated surrounding the fibers and preventing fraying. Elimi­ nate costly edge sealed belts.

OIL RESISTANT- The HP belts stand up very well to the presence of todays harsh cooking oils, fats and variants.

EASY CLEANABILITY – Encapsulated fibers as well as the proprietary resins allow for easy release of the fats and solids. Holds up very good to citric acids, sodas, cleaning solutions, tough protein stains.

STAIN RESISTANT – Resists cinnamon, protein stains, paprika etc….

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