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Reducing friction problems. Precision plastic components machined to print, extruded profiles, rubber grippers and molded urethane pars, and compression molded UHMW sheets from 3/8”-4” think in many colros as a stocked standard.


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Whether you require one or one hundred, you have made the right choice with Duro-Glide® Polymer Sheets. Our UHMW-PE sheets are used everywhere, from food/canning/beverage and conveyor industries to industrial machinery and material handling. UHMW in multiple colors with additives that offer impact, wear, and high-temperature resistance, as well as antistatic, antimicrobial, metal-detectable, and lubricated properties.

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Gearbox Design and Repairs. Open gears: Gear Customizing and Manufacturing, Sprial and straight bevels, Spur gears, Helical gears, Splined, sprockets, Worms, Broaching, Hypoid, Hobbing and Shaping, Custom gears, Hest Treatment, ALL types of gears available with reverse engineering. Asian Sourcing; Sand Casting, Cast and Ductile Iron, Aluminum, Forgings, Toolings Fixtures, and Plastic Injection Molding. PT equipment, Pneumatic Tools, Speed changers and more.


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In metal, food duty, and stainless. 

Shaft Collars
Roller and Engineered Chains
Pintle Chains
Mounted Bearings
Standard Metal Food Strainers


ASTRA by AS Thomas

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ASTRRA – AS Thomas automated guide rail adjustments for different containers, bottles, cans, and packaging for any number of products. PC based software. Eliminate manual changeovers for different size containers. Components are staggered to prevent jamming. VS. Manual guide rails, payback from 4-9 months, reducing operating expense.


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Motorized drum pulleys for aggregate and food with Three QIR codes; guaranteed 5 day replacement and repair. Available in a wide range of materials and with precision bearings.


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Gravity and belt driven rolloers in metal and plastic from .75” to 3.5” diameter.


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Stainless steel conveyors and robotic automation, also ionized air rinsers for bottles and cans or other containers. Ionized air rinsers leaves less oxygen in containers for a truer products taste.

PSR Automation Inc.

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Servo driven stainless filling systems
Capping Systems
Bottle rejection machines
Turn stations and transfer stations

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